Holiday Park - Central City Parkway Entrance, Westland, MI

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While a relatively small wooded park/area, I still really enjoy walking through here now and then, as do others. As you'll see in the photo gallery, there is a small lot you can park at right in front of the entrance on Central City Parkway across from the Westland Mall. It's not uncommon for there to be one of two cars there, but this trail is never busy.

The park is thick woods which makes it such as great and convenient way to take in the woods right in the middle of an otherwise very city environment. Nevertheless, the trails are very well defined and easy to follow. The trail begins with a straight trail that then has a branch that will allow you to circle the park on a trail. At the other end of this circular trail is a river with old bridges crossing it, most of which no longer have any wood planks across them and there are points where the river can be crossed without the bridges. When you reach the river you are about 1/2 to 2/3rds the way to Joy Road on the other end of the park. I've made it to Joy Road where there is another entrance/exit to the park, but lately, the path across the river seems less obvious, the brush/woods/growth thicker and depending on the time of year, and as a result, the area past the river seems more mosquito infested due to the growth. Most of the time, I don't find there to be too many mosquito's on the trails, but there may be at certain times.

Park Contact Information

Central City Parkway between Warren Road and Wayne Road
Westland, MI 48185
Vehicle Permit Required: No

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