Lower Rouge River Trail, Canton, MI

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Lower Rouge River Trail

This is a very nice path, paritcularly for walking, jogging or walking your dog. There always seems to be nice family-oriented people there, but it is never overcrowded. When I used to job more, this would have a been a place I would like to have went as I like the soft gravel better than pavement for comfort and avoidance of shin splint. However, the gravel is a little less compact that I like for biking although I have biked it several time and always see bikers there.

An aspect I really like about this trail is the freqauent wooden bridges and rivers. The lower rouge river cross the trail every 1/4 mile in many locations which provides for some nice views. I park and head East passing over Morton Taylor Road, Haggery Road, etc. until just past I-275 when this trail ends and intersects with the I-275 Bike Path just North of Michigan Avenue. So, this is great trail in that you can take it until it ends and then turns left and follow the I-275 path for a number of miles (around 5). There are signs telling you where you are at all along both paths.

Construction of Lower Rouge River Trail began in Fall of 2007, in an effort to meet the residential demand for more outdoor recreation and as a joint venture between Canton Municipal Services, Canton Leisure Services, Wayne County, and the Michigan Department of Transportation. It is a multi-phase project over a number of years that will will run along a 4 mile stretch of the scenic Lower Rouge River from Canton Center Road to Hannan Road.

The first phase will include a trail head at Morton Taylor Rd. north of Michigan Avenue, in addition to an approximate 1.5 mile trail section. The trail head and section will be open to the public starting June 7, 2008, and can be used for mountain biking, cross country skiing, running, and walking. There is porta-potty at the trail's parking lot.

Park Contact Information

Michigan Avenue (East of Mortan Taylor Road)
North side of the road across from the land fill.
It's a small dirt road that can be easily missed.
Take the dirt road down then turn left.
Canton, MI 48188
(734) 394-5310

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