Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, MI

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Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, MI

Bloomer Park is a beautiful 206.9 acre park in the Rochester Hills and one of my top five favorite places to bike and hike in metro Detroit because of its size, beauty and diversity of scenery and activities. What I liked about Bloomer Park, more specifically, was:

  • It had paved trails that led into wooded trails that were still leisurely and smooth enough to bike easily. And the wooded trails I biked were gorgeous. They were often surrounded by "tunnels" of trees you biked through (see photo galley), as well as other areas where you passed rivers and large hills to the side. You really feel as though you are exploring a woods, although you are on a nice bike trail with others passing by you occasionally. In other words, you are not in a huge state park, but are also not in a small park were there is little to explore before you are going in circles.
  • Next, as you continue to bike in the woods, you may stumble across a cool sledding / tobogganing hills that would be a blast in the winter. Continue biking and you can also exit the woods at another point and you will encounter a world-class, international velodrome for cyclists.
  • Re-enter the woods, bike some more, and your adventure will take you to a new type of trail that opens up, is wider, straighter, and paved with finer gravel. I got this point, began biking this new trail, and after several miles now going in a straight line in a less wooded environment had to stop and ask a passerby if I was still in Bloomer Park. They said, "No, you are now on the Clinton River Bike Trail." I responded, "How far does this go?" They replied: "About 16 miles through 4 Oakland County cities." I said, "Wow - cool, thanks!"

Besides they many cool and unique features, Bloomer Park also has the following offerings:

  • Picnicking / Grills
  • Shelter Rentals
  • Advanced/Skilled Mountain Biking Trails - ranked #1,383 best in the world! (single track 90%, fine/gravel 10%, 10 miles, elevation gain 250 feet/76 meters, steep and technicals, many trails to choose from)
  • Fishing - DNR Regulations Apply
  • Playgrounds
  • Volleyball
  • Multi-purpose Sports Field
  • Horseshoes and Volleyball
  • Cross Country Skiing - non-groomed, no equipment rental

Bloomer Park was a State of Michigan park from 1924 until the City of Rochester Hills took over ownership in 1994.

The Clinton River Trail

The Clinton River Trail is a 16 mile bike trail that runs through the communities of Sylvan Lake, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills and the City of Rochester. I've biked this trail, which runs on top of an abandoned rail line, and it s very nice, fine hard gravel packed trail that is smooth and easy to walk, jog, ride on a bike. The trail roughly parallels and frequently crosses the Clinton River. The surrounding landscape includes downtowns, industry, residential areas, and parks. The trail is passioantely loved and enjoyed my many residents of southeast Michigan, while at the same time not being overcrowded.

Park Contact Information

345 John R Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Phone Number: (248) 656-4753
Approximate Size: 206.9 (Acres) - Largest Park in Rochester Hills
Vehicle Permit Required: Yes

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