Mill Race Park, Commerce Township, MI

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Mill Race Park, Commerce Township, MI

Mill Race Park is a very nice, small park in Commerce Township that is a natural, woodsy place to walk and hike. It's only 8 acres in size, but is scenic with two covered bridges and a river. The river is the Huron River, which was diverted from its original source to meet the needs of the Commerce Roller Mill. In the 1840's, the mill was an essential part of the farming community of Commerce which was located along the stagecoach line that stopped in the village hotel as a halfway point between Pontiac and Milford, which was a 2 day trip. The mill later burned to the groun and today only the excavation for the mill exists. The site was dedicated as a state historical site on September 22, 1984. (Commerce Twsp Web Page on Mill Race Park).

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