Obviously, from all the video below you can tell I love to kayak! ;-) Hope you find some nice places to go yourself. There are so many and they are all special.

Argo Livery, Ann Arbor, MI (Kayaking and walking)

Cedar Island Lake, White Lake Township, Oakland County, MI (Kayaking)

Clinton River in Waterford, MI (Kayaking)

Elizabeth Park (Island), Trenton, MI (Kayaking and walking)

Ford Lake, Ypsilanti, MI (Kayaking and walking)

Gallup Park, Ann Arbor, MI (Walking and Canoeing)

Goose Lake, Jackson County, MI (Kayaking)

La Plaisance Creek, Frenchtown Charter Township, Monroe County, MI (Kayaking)

Lake Erie Matropark, Brownstown, Wayne County, MI (Kayaking)

Maceday Lake, Waterford Township, Oakland County, MI (Kayaking)

Milford, MI: Hubbell Pond (Kayaking)

Millennium Park, Grand Rapids, MI (Kayaking)

Nankin Lake, Middle Rouge River, Dam, Livonia, MI (Kayaking)

Middle Rouge River from Newburgh Lake through I-275 towards Haggerty Road, Livonia, MI (Kayaking)

Newburgh Lake from daytime to sunset, Livonia, MI (Kayaking)

North Hydro Park, Ypsilanti, MI (Kayaking)

Orchard Lake, Village of Orchard Lake, Oakland County, MI (Kayaking)

Pontiac Lake, Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, Wateford, MI (Kayaking)

Proud Lake Recreation Area, Commerce MI (Kayaking and walking)

Sterling State Park, Frenchtown Charter Township, Monroe County, MI (Kayaking)

Union Lake, Union Lake/White Lake Township, Oakland County, MI (Kayaking)

White Lake, White Lake, Oakland County, MI (Kayaking)

Wolverine Lake, Village of Wolverine Lake, Oakland County, MI (Kayaking)